The most anticipated of spring
event in Europe
25th of April, 2018
Castle Basilica Sacre-Coeur, Czech Republic
OKO Stars is a private party with a special presentation of the erotic gala show courtesy of the theater Snctm by Damon Lawner

A masquerade with elements of contemporary theater with performances and erotic art for guests of the highest class

of OKO Stars

Guests of OKO Stars are well-known and influential people from a wide variety of different fields: show business, cinema, sports, industrial production, politics, fashion and among many others. The most highly claimed dishes in European cuisine and only the finest spirits will be served for guests during the entire evening.

Dress Code
Black Tie


  • Black tuxedo
  • Bow tie
  • White shirt with cufflinks
  • Black formal lace shoes


  • Black elegant below the knee dress
  • Black high heel shoes
  • Jewelry (as desired)
  • Ladies have to be accompanied by gentlemen.

The main
accessory - mask

or black

The key requirement: gold or black mask does not cover more than half of the face. The mask should be worn at least 30 minutes from the moment the evening begins, and then, if desired, can be removed.

The most
intriguing part
of the evening

Damon Lawner’s legendary show from the erotic theater Snctm

The private erotic performance everyone wants to see, but only the select lucky ones actually will. This is not for solicitation of sex. We create the atmosphere of art.

Official event of the evening Presentation of the VR OKO Platform and the OKO Pay Payment System


The first decentralized VR platform in the world on blockchain that has 100% anonymous distribution of adult content.


Payment system based on the blockchain which allows to make for 100% anonymous payments for all adult goods and services in the VR OKO infrastructure via OKOIN tokens.

Location of the OKO Stars Party Medieval Czech Castle Basilica Sacre-Coeur

One of the most mysterious castles in the Czech Republic creates an indescribable atmosphere of mystery, sacrament and A-list.

Holečkova 31, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov

Party Report

About us

VR Technology is a Czech company, producer of the VR OKO virtual reality headset and developer of the same name infrastructure, the initiator of the OKOIN project. The headquarters is located in Prague (Czech Republic).


Mutual respect

Any disrespectful behavior (verbal abuse, inappropriately loud speech, aggression etc.) will lead to instant removal from the party.

No digital devices

Use of cell phones, photo, video and any other recording devices is strictly prohibited. All our guests value privacy.

No touching

Any touching of the ladies without their full prior consent will not be permitted in any way. Each guest is a gentleman. If not, he will be escorted from the party.

Strict dress code

If you do not have the necessary accessories we will be happy to provide you with them.